Interview with the Fabulous Bixby Boys


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friends walking on the beachFrom the Bixby Boys…

This latest series of posts has been of those who have served as teachers to me in both formal and informal ways. There is no way to enumerate, just how many lessons I’ve learned from the Bixby Boys (now young men).  From their pregnancies, births, many birthdays and illnesses, successes and their fears….they’ve challenged me in great & wonderful ways.  I love you Matt & Ash, thanks for making me a Mom!

Q.      What lessons do you think you’ve taught your Mom?

A.      Matthew – one thing I feel like I taught my mom, is patience. She has had to put up with many things due to my brother and me being her children.  As teenagers, we can be moody and this requires patience of my mom.

A.      Asher – I wouldn’t say I’ve taught my mother any lessons per se. However, we talk frequently about higher thought process and higher intellect and I think that is something we both share. It is something that we can work on together and we can talk to each other about it very comfortably.  In this way, we learn from each other.

Q.      If you had a day to play hookie from school, what would you do with it?

A.      Matthew –   I’d do what I like to do on a typical day off, sleep in and relax in whatever way felt right, that day.

A.      Asher – If it was just myself playing hookie and I wasn’t accompanied and if we’re saying that I have the resources and possibilities to do or go anything/anywhere…My ideal day would be sleeping in, listening to music and playing some Trem (computer game), and then if I got bored maybe hangout with friends or walk to Rita’s or watch a movie. Something light and lazy considering I’d have school the next day.

Q.      I know you both like to travel.  What places do you hope to see in the next few years and why?

A.      Matthew – I’m interested in traveling to all of the cities in Europe, really.  Rome interests me for what I may learn from the architecture, food and history.

A.      Asher – Italy, because of its culture and I like the high fashion. Paris again because of the culture and essence of the city. Colombia, for the exotic-ness and because I’ve never been to South America. Siberia or somewhere in Asia, I feel like a vacation there would be very calming and tranquil. I’d love to go to Egypt or north Africa or any country in southern Africa because of the purity there. I feel like Africa is the only continent not as fully developed and urbanized as the rest of the world, it has yet to be heavily touched.

Q.      In what ways do you use, your intuition?

A.      Matthew – I don’t pay a lot of attention to it.  I can say though, that I

picked out a card for my mom recently and it ended up having her favorite flowers (ranunculus) on the front and I hadn’t realized it at first glance.  This is an example of how I notice my intuition at play.

A.      Asher – I use my intuition to warn me of bad situations and to read emotions. Often I find myself noticing people’s moods and emotions very easily. My intuition also keeps me aligned, I feel very clear minded and I feel very level headed because of it.

Q.      What is it like to live with an Intuitive/Psychic Mother?

A.      Matthew – It makes it hard to lie.

A.      Asher – It’s interesting because as her being a newer psychic, I hear about her progress and her craft and it inspires myself to take more initiative with my life just as my mom does. It’s warming to hear her having a great time and enjoying what she does every single day.



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