Every time I begin to write on love I cry. Who wouldn’t? The mere thought of love engulfing my heart and soul crack me wide open.

I told a colleague recently that I loved them. I tell clients often, that I love them. Isn’t the world a better place, for acknowledgement of LOVE without all of the perceived constraints? Why is it that so many, lay burdens on love… Expectations. Associated weights – with an expression of pure Joy. Pure Being. In Harmony with all that Is.

Love for me is the same as channeling the Divine. When I feel my heart and soul swell, I know I am in alignment with and channeling Divine Being.

Why then, won’t more people express and experience love?

We are the peace keepers
The fire burners
The soul stirrers.
Why not more?
More expression more often, more frequently, more vehemently.
I dare you.

~ Angela

At the center of everything is an energy, an immaterial material I’ll identify as love. -The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, as channeled and told by Annie Kagan

Buddha was not a Buddhist. Jesus was not a Christian.  Muhammad was not a Muslim.  They were teachers who taught Love.  Love was their religion.  -Unknown

Love is not something you are in it is something that you are. -David Icke

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