New Year ~ New Moon Wishes 2014

happy new year moon

Happy fresh year!

We have so much optimism, collectively on the first day of the year.  This year’s start packs a doubly powerful punch with a New Moon at 6:14am EST.  This is the first time in nearly two decades that a new moon has occurred on the first day of the year.  Enjoy it as the springboard that it is!

New moons are a beautiful time to state intentions or wishes.  Beginning a new project?  Creating something anew?  This is an opportune time to do so.  The first 48 hours within the new moon is the juiciest time to launch your dreams.  State your dreams/wishes/intentions in writing, positively in the present tense…as if they are already happening.  Then take this list and send it off into the Universe either by fire or in water.  Both of these elements will ‘transform’ the state of the paper and its writings into another form and carry it forward into motion.

I’m spending a few hours in my home office today, because that is the crazy kind of stuff this Intuitive Consultant/Psychic Medium/Energy Healer likes to do!  If you are spending time on your creations today do so with optimism and expansiveness.  Be sure to incorporate balance in your day (no over-working allowed!) with pursuits that bring you joy, vibrancy and satisfaction.  It’s all about the love and that starts with self-love through balance.  Wishing you Love-Filled, Prosperous and Happy new years, all around!

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