Offerings: All services available in person, via phone, skype or facetime.

Psychic Medium Reading/Spiritual & Intuitive Consulting Session

$180 per hour $100 per ½ hour

Angela conducts a reading/session employing helping spirits of hers and yours. Angela is able to look at the energy of past, present or future situations. She is also able to access and connect with the energies of those living and those who have passed on. Bring your specific desires and life’s burning questions to Angela, she’ll offer you spirited guidance. Five questions are recommended for a ½ hour session and ten for an hour. While we may not get to all of the questions, they’ll serve as a map for the session. Clients have reported accuracy rates in the range of 85-100%.

Energy Healing (Calibration, Angelic Reconnection Therapy and/or Access BARS) Plus…Many find Energy Healing coupled with a Reading to be very effective!

$250 Energy Healing plus a 30 min reading = A 90 Minute Service

Considered a ‘well visit’ for our energetic body or a ‘tune up’ of sorts. The first half of the service is you, clothed, on a treatment table while Angela balances your chakra and auric systems. Each chakra tells a story and so the second half of the session will be a sharing of what stories your subtle energy body had to share. Angela is a Certified Reiki Master and has studied with numerous, internationally renowned teachers in alternative energy modalities. She will work with your energetic body as is warranted and as is in your highest interests. Light touch may be employed. Clients report feeling more complete, lighter, balanced and more energized after Angela has worked with them!

*Science tells us that everything is energy. From thoughts and feelings to the density of the ground that we walk on, it’s all energy. Our energetic body goes through changes and is subject to stress, as are all things.

Group Pricing for Parties, Special Events, Conferences


Gather in one spot and invite Angela to do one-on-one readings for you and your guests! A private space with seating for two is all that is required. A minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours apply, unless otherwise negotiated. No intoxicated clients will be read. *A mileage rate will apply for events greater than 50 miles from where Angela is located.

Angelic Re-Connection Therapy and/or Calibration

$180 for a one-hour session

So many things in life can fuel a disconnection from ourselves, our true nature, our connection to our higher power. Our stressful responses to life’s events, allowing other peoples’ energy into our own fields, even sabotaging self talk can all contribute to our feeling off and out of synch with our true nature. This service serves to re-connect you to your soul, your angelic self, that pure light within! Through a dynamic process developed by Angela Bixby, Energy Intuit you will leave feeling lighter and more clear. As we clear blockages and connect to the angelic realms we experience healing at our soul level. Join Angela Bixby in this process by coming with an intention in mind: to clear cravings, to increase vitality, to reduce obsessive thinking, a desire to increase connectedness with a loved one, etc.

Through her intuition, energy healing expertise, and recently cultivated angelic techniques, Angela will help set your soul straight and offer you a re-connected feeling to yourself. A certified Usui Reiki Master, Angela has studied with countless energy healing teachers and has achieved mastery in her own rite. Angela’s style is nurturing, empowering and edifying – she wants you to walk away not only feeling more connected but also having learned something about yourself and your soul! Calibration is considered a ‘well visit’ for our energetic body or a ‘tune up’ of sorts. Each chakra tells a story and so Angela will offer you insights from your chakras and auric layers. She will work with your energetic body as is warranted and as is in your highest interests. Light touch may be employed. Clients report feeling more complete, lighter, balanced and more energized after Angela has worked with them!

Spiritual Development Options

Are you ready to expand your sensitivities? Have you been feeling a call to raise your awareness in your personal and professional lives? These options may be for you. Designed to to meet your evolving and ever-growing needs for education, coaching, mentoring and spiritual development needs

Growing Yourself Psychic (GYP) – This is a 5 week, self-study course to leave you feeling more grounded and expanded. Get your questions answered here:

Conscious Psychic Program (CPP)
This 1-on-1 intuitive development coaching and spiritual development program is a high level of support for your growth. Enter here for more info here:

or apply directly here:

Announcing The Lotus Sessions ©2014, Angela Bixby
A series of 5, transformative healing sessions with Angela and another practitioner working in tandem. This work is profoundly powerful! It begins with a conversation with Angela and will be a customized, fluid and organic healing process for you, across sessions.

This work is indicated for those:
*wanting to dig deeper into their creativity
*desiring to add a layer of deep work to an existing therapeutic modality
*ready to dive into their subtle energy body including their aura and chakra system
*seeking to rejuvenate their yoga and/or meditation practice
*wanting very guided instruction and feedback to begin a yoga and/or meditation practice
*open to healing in very 21st century ways

Sessions conducted in the privacy of your home or at my office
Go here to read more about this groundbreaking work:

All services may be paid for via PayPal, check, credit card or cash. Payment is expected either prior to the session or at the start of the session. A 24 hour notice, of need-to-cancel policy is in effect in both directions.


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