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Angela Bixby and the Conscious Psychic ProgramCPP: Conscious Psychic Program

The Conscious Psychic Program is 1-on-1 intuitive and spiritual development. You will work with Angela for either 6 or 12 months to cultivate your intuition. You will remove obstacles to your expansion into your sixth sense and beyond.

I’ve worked with many teachers of intuition and yet was drawn to Angela’s intuitive development program. Within her Conscious Psychic Program I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I connected even more deeply to my guides. An unplanned benefit of working in her program is that I got very clear on how I would next serve the world with my own, intuitive processes and services. It was so helpful that I chose to continue with spiritual business coaching to launch my new services to the world. If you are looking to open up, deepen your connections to your inner guidance or get clear guidance from Angela on spiritual business practices I recommend her as a mentor!

Christine Burke, Artist, Teacher & Author at Christine’s Art World, Pennsylvania, USA

This program is tailored to where you are as an individual and supported with group learning, individual exercises and practices and quarterly teachings. Appropriate for many levels, it does require an application and interview for enrollment.

My initial goal when I began working with Angela was to get in deeper touch with my Intuition. While some of the details of the goals shifted throughout our journey together, I’ve begun to experience growth in unexpected ways. The process of working within Angela’s Conscious Psychic Program has led me to approach and inspire my clients within my practice, in new ways and in deeply shifted ways. The process of working together has opened me up to powerful ways to be a resource to my clients and their growth, that I could not have anticipated on day one of this program. I strongly recommend Angela’s programs and when you do, be open to your goals changing and shifting in magical ways along the journey!!

Kristin Sellers, LCSW, Pennsylvania, USA

Are you someone who is having spiritual, intuitive and psychic experiences that are calling you to open? Angela Bixby and Energy Intuit may be the coaching and mentoring place for you.

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Working together for either 6 or 12 months, I meet you where you are! Just stepping onto your psychic journey or digging more deeply, this program will serve you.  It will help move you forward, from where you are. We’ll work together individually for either 12 or 24 intense sessions.

Additionally, the program involves:

  • Multiple opportunities to participate in Development Circles (generally offered 4 times per month)
  • A Facebook community group
  • Access to on-line learning modules
  • Quarterly VIP days, exclusively designed for this CPP group
  • Community building and potential or accountability partnership

~ 6 month pricing: $2397 ~
~ 12 month pricing: $3997 ~

Monthly payment options available — PAYING IN FULL GARNERS A $400 DISCOUNT!

I’d been having some odd, intuitive experiences over the past few years. I was no longer able to avoid them when I began my private counseling practice in 2012. It became clear that I, my family and my clients would only benefit from my getting a better understanding of my psychic & intuitive experiences. That’s when I came across Angela. Her knowledge about Intuitive Development, her humility and her kindness convinced me to engage in many months of mentoring with her. Ironically, many clients came my way needing guidance on their own sensitivities. As I grew and learned with Angela, I was able to offer a broader scope of guidance to my clients.

I couldn’t have known when we began our work together, where this may have led me. Angela seemed to know though, what getting more comfortable with my psychic side might do for me, my family and my clients. I’m grateful for the mentoring work that we’ve gone through together and would recommend her to anyone who is either having their own, strange experiences and wanting clarity and training around them, as well as recommending her services to any helping or healing professional who is looking to supercharge their practice.!

R.S. LPCMH, NCC, Delaware, USA

Start with the application and/or email: with any questions.