So often we compartmentalize aspects of ourselves in an attempt to behave in more culturally acceptable ways.  We shush that inner voice, that inner knowing of ours.  We’ve all got that elusive, sixth sense.  That ability to listen to our inner selves and receive guidance from a higher place.  Often we find ourselves in situations with our clients, friends, family or ourselves where this sixth sense is trying to get through to us.

What would this world look like if we all lived in accord with our intuition?  How beautifully and explosively transformative, might this be?  Furthermore, what might your day-to-day world look like?

If you are wanting to find out how opening to your Intuition may serve you, contact Energy Intuit to move through a laser Intuitive Insight Session today! Spend 30 minutes with me on the phone and you’ll achieve the following:

You will…

  • Get clear on how developing your Intuition will serve you
  • Uncover obstacles to developing your Intuition and strategies to address them
  • Expand to a bigger life vision
  • Conclude with a game plan for developing your Intuition

Together we can determine whether our services may be right for you.  (session valued at $100)

“I have worked with Angela for over two years, first as a client for readings and healing, and then as a student in her Conscious Psychic Program. She has been immeasurably helpful with my healing and awakening process. She thinks and works quickly, while still being grounded, methodical and thoughtful. She cares deeply about her work with students and clients, and is a great example of someone who walks the walk. As a PhD-level psychologist, I have provided and received healing through traditional talk therapy for decades. The growth I’ve experienced with Angela far surpasses that work, and is breaking patterns and barriers that I knew were there, but couldn’t quite wrap my mind around and describe in words. I am deeply grateful for the path that led me to Angela, and for the layers of awareness and healing that she has compassionately and expertly guided me through!” -AC, PhD Psychologist, Pennsylvania

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