How does your intuition speak to you?

How do you do what you do?


How to Do What?: As a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, I get this question in many forms, often.   To begin, I use this explanation: I refer to spirits, the psychic realms, energy, deceased people, spirit guides, etc. as all from the unseen realms. I described this/these unseen realms as ‘Spirit’. God, Universe,Read moreRead more

Meditation is Key

As psychics we are approached by so many who are interested in cultivating and developing their psychic skills.  The number one thing, that all sources and teachers will point to initially is meditation. Meditation is key to developing one’s psychic skills This is the surest, most direct way to calm and quiet our minds.  CalmingRead moreRead more

Interview with Constantina Rhodes

From Constantina Rhodes… In 2010, while in Psychic Development classes in NYC, I had the privilege of being taught/guided/inspired by Constantina Rhodes.  Her teaching style is so kind and gentle, just what this developing psychic, responded favorably to!  Constantina’s deep knowledge of Eastern traditions added ballast and depth to the potentially elusive subject, of psychic development. Read moreRead more

Lineage Slivers

Lineage Connections in our Lives In the midst of an uber-busy time, I was gifted with a lovely dream sliver this morning.  I was approached by two clients who were questioning where I was from…No, they said, not ‘Minnesota, by way of California, originating in Seattle.  Your roots, where are they?’  Me, “England and Lithuania.”Them,Read moreRead more