I’ve been going through a break-up this month…

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I’ve been going through a breakup this month… a breakup with a 20 year old habit. As I break up with the one – replete with the on-again and off-again qualities that we’ve all experienced around breaking up with people, I’m examining other old habits as well. It really doesn’t matter what the habit is –Read moreRead more

Befriending Ourselves

beautiful flower

How do you befriend yourself? A friend brightened my doorstep the other day, wanting compassion and advice. Not overtly so, but it became clear to us both once we were in each other’s company that this was what was needed. She proceeded to talk about how she’s been feeling about a situation and I listened.Read moreRead more

If you met yourself, would you like you?

This question popped across my social media feed today and caused pause in me. What better checking question? I mean, to ask myself, “Self, are you acting in and being in ways that when you encounter you, you enjoy you?” Don’t get me wrong, I am much more me in the past few months thanRead moreRead more