How do you do what you do?


How to Do What?: As a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, I get this question in many forms, often.   To begin, I use this explanation: I refer to spirits, the psychic realms, energy, deceased people, spirit guides, etc. as all from the unseen realms. I described this/these unseen realms as ‘Spirit’. God, Universe,Read moreRead more

Getting Unstuck

nature energy

Energy is the key to become unstuck. Everything is energy.  We know now that what appears solid, isn’t.  It’s merely more dense, slower moving atoms.  We can get unstuck. How often do you feel stuck in life?  Do you find yourself with impatience around elements of your life and relationships? One of the best antidotesRead moreRead more

Messages of Love

butterfly in the branches

Our Intuition — our higher selves — speak to us with messages of love. As I work with and guide people to and through their intuitive processes, the most constant question is – “How do I know it’s my intuition?” That answer is many-fold, some of which I’ll cover here. First off, it’s a faithRead moreRead more

For the Love of…

heart ornament

I’ve always been taken with the phrase, “For the love of God!” often followed by a frustrated or hyperbolic statement. I’ve found it funny, frankly.  Maybe due to mostly hearing it in a joking context.  I wasn’t raised religiously.  Sure, there was religion in fits and starts in our household, particularly around the major ChristianRead moreRead more

If you met yourself, would you like you?

This question popped across my social media feed today and caused pause in me. What better checking question? I mean, to ask myself, “Self, are you acting in and being in ways that when you encounter you, you enjoy you?” Don’t get me wrong, I am much more me in the past few months thanRead moreRead more