Interview with Constantina Rhodes

From Constantina Rhodes… In 2010, while in Psychic Development classes in NYC, I had the privilege of being taught/guided/inspired by Constantina Rhodes.  Her teaching style is so kind and gentle, just what this developing psychic, responded favorably to!  Constantina’s deep knowledge of Eastern traditions added ballast and depth to the potentially elusive subject, of psychic development. Read moreRead more

Interview with (Rev) Christopher Sims

From Christopher Sims… My relationship with yoga has been on-again, off-again, for the past two decades.  While in an ‘on-again’ phase at some point in the past 10 years, I walked into one of the classes from Christopher Sims and have been hooked ever since.  I’m glad to admit that with his appealing teaching style, my relationshipRead moreRead more