Walking My Walk

weaver of lifeI’m rooted in walking my walk.

When people come to me for a reading, healing or for mentoring through their own intuitive processes, I call them on their stuff. It’s part of how Spirit chooses to move through me. My deal with my Guidance/Guides is that I share what I get and it is always for peoples’ ‘highest good’. This is an early intention that has stuck – it helps me to channel as opposed to filtering messages for people. I’m told I make it sound simple and easy – it isn’t always so.

One of the things that keeps it less simple or easy is that as a spiritual practitioner, as a spiritual teacher and leader in the community, I’m required to do my work and walk my walk. A huge pet peeve of mine – is when people preach and don’t practice. When spiritual practitioners dole out teachings and advice without a commitment to their own growth and awareness.

I see all of us spiritual practitioners as being in a leadership position and in teaching roles. People seek out our services for their own, life guidance. IMHO, we then, must model that – we must do our own internal work and grow our self-awareness as a way of life.

Challenges of this process:

  • I require myself to be incredibly real. Even if it is ugly. But it also means I get to teach people how to be human too.
  • Honesty is a way of life. And this can lead to shifts in relationships when they aren’t authentic ones.
  • I’m not always in the mood to lead or talk and this is where it can get ugly, real and honest.
  • Daily practices can feel like thorns on some less-than-rosy days.
  • Open-hearted living can beget heartbreak more frequently.
  • Remembering that my ego can be impatient and bitchy.

Joys of walking my walk – I get to…:

  • Teach people what Being and being human can look like.
  • Feel other peoples’ emotions in ways that serve them, profoundly.
  • Use ‘norm’ intuition for others to get cozy with theirs.
  • Witness awareness expansion and consciousness-raising in those around me in ways that reverberate across time and space.
  • Be humble, every single day.
  • Find that I’m at peace with my ego most of the time.
  • Wnderstand peoples’ wounds, having experienced woundings.
  • Live and breathe joy!

Being a spiritual practitioner is not for the faint of heart. If it were more would do it. It’s a critical role for our planet’s history though– some say we’re on the verge of bankrupting our environment and others say we’ve maimed our economy. What better time to grow more aware and step up to lead, than in times of strong need? As world events, personal struggles, calls to serve rise up in us all – why not get real and be real for others? We are all ‘spiritual leaders’ and have the capacity to be teachers for others. Why not start walking your walk?


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