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About Angela

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Living beyond the five senses is how Angela Bixby has always lived. She’ll tell you that she got the call to live a more spiritually-oriented life in 2010 when she found her way to psychic school in New York City.

The truth is that as an empath and a natural claircognizant, she often sensed what wasn’t there. What wasn’t obvious in conversation, what wasn’t being said.

Angela walked a spiritual path her whole life as a highly sensitive person and has mastered many ways to support others as they walk this earth as spiritual and sensitive beings.

Having developed all of her psychic skills, having studied a few hundred hours with many energy healing practitioners, and after having helped over 10,000 clients — Angela best serves her clientele as a consciousness mentor and spiritual development coach.

Angela has received certifications as a Psychic-Medium, from Holistic Studies Institute and from the American Federation for Certified Psychics and Mediums; as an Usui Reiki Master; as an Access Bars Practitioner; as a Core Shamanic Studies practitioner; she holds a B.A. of Psychology from the University of MN and a Master’s Certificate in Holistic Psychology from the Holistic Psychology Institute.

Her practice style is accessible, down-to-earth, approachable, love-infused and experiential. She knows that we are all psychic and is committed to her mission here on earth to connect people to consciousness & their intuition all in an effort to help seed Christ Consciousness on the planet.

Angela lives a peaceful and simple life in the US, after having raised two spirited, young men.

“Intuition is simply an enhanced listening. Something that we all have access to.”
—Angela Bixby, Founder, Energy Intuit

Angela's Offerings

conscious psychic program

Angela’s signature program birthed in 2012. The Conscious Psychic Program is a space and community for mentoring and experiential growth of your psychic skills. Enjoy many teachings, development circles and support here. This is a hybrid coaching program with a minimum commitment of one year.

the cosmic hive - Book Sessions here!

Your metaphysical playground for learning opportunities, multi-dimensional expansion and private sessions for inspiration and conscious growth.


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