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Angela Bixby

Living beyond the five senses has always been a part of how Angela Bixby sees and approaches the world.  She is a Certified Intuitive Consultant and Certified Psychic Medium.  This is through the Holistic Studies Institute in NYC and the American Federation for Certified Psychics and Mediums. Angela deepened her innate abilities through study and practice.  She offers healing and guidance to your questions by bridging angelic & spirit realms, dreamtime, energetic fields and our own physical world.

Angela is a Certified Reiki Master and has trained with numerous energy alchemists.  Her passion is helping people to trust their own intuition.  She does this by through readings & healings as well as through teaching and coaching others on their psychic development and spiritual awakening paths.  A gifted healer and reader, she has worked with thousands of clients and looks forward to working with you!  Angela holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and a Master’s Certificate in Holistic Psychology.  She is a certified Usui Reiki Master and is an energy alchemist in her own right. Angela formerly worked in healthcare and is the mother of two spirited, young men in Chadds Ford, PA.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. calvin Sparks says:

    Hey Angela,

    My name is Calvin Sparks,

    Nice to make your acquaintance :).

    I live in Claymont and wanted to ask if you did consultation sessions?

    If so how much and how would I schedule.

    I can be reached anytime at 302-332-2477.

    Thank you in advance, looking forward to speaking with you :),

    I hope you have an amazing day!

  2. Carole Capriotti-May says:

    Thank you for your patience earlier this evening. I very much enjoyed your presentation and meeting you. Let’s follow up with a session

  3. Cindy says:

    How can I make an appt ?

    1. Angela Bixby-Energy Intuit says:

      Hi Cindy! I emailed you back. You can reach me on and I’ll get you scheduled!

  4. Daniel Brian Kelleher says:

    Hi Angela,the other night, I invited another friend that could not make it ,but will come to a future gathering,I saw her day before,and when she sees me she always says Dan,Dan,Dan the man,and that was my opening message,made you giggle

    1. Angela Bixby-Energy Intuit says:

      How fun!

  5. Erin says:

    My two girlfriends and I had such a wonderful Zoom reading with Angela the other day that I had to stop by and leave a comment. I didn’t know what to expect from my first psychic reading (especially since we found Angela through a simple Google search and not a personal recommendation) but what happened in the session definitely exceeded any of my secret hopes. I decided to focus my reading on questions about family members both living and deceased and the information Angela provided for me simply based on names and ages was truly astounding. She was absolutely spot-on accurate with about 90-95% of what she said. (And, who knows? Maybe the rest was accurate as well! Maybe it’s simply my perception that has me thinking her statements were off) I, naturally, had some doubt about her ability to connect with deceased family members but I am 100% convinced that she did. She knew things she couldn’t have. Specific things. It was such a surprise to me that I was somewhat dumfounded and suddenly couldn’t even think of what to say. Afterward, of course, there were so many things I wish I had said and asked about so I’m pretty sure I will be rebooking in the future. In fact, everyone I showed the recording to was 100% convinced and interested in booking a session as well. Hopefully they do!

    I would recommend a reading with Angela to anyone. Approach it with an open mind and you might be as surprised as I was with just how much you get out of it.

    1. Angela Bixby says:

      Wow! Thank Erin! I’m glad it was such a fulfilling experience for you! It was a pleasure and an honor to work with you and your friends.

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