Healing & Clearing Tools

A popular refrain coming out of client sessions is – How do I clear painful thoughts and emotions Angela?  How exactly, do I get off of that hamster wheel in my brain with the negative loop running?  And another popular one – I just want closure!! Newsflash – closure comes from within!!!  When we believeRead moreRead more

The Shift in Vibrational Frequency Bands


  Judith Kusel Vibrational Frequency within us and around us. We are riding the wave of expansive cosmic rebirthing – the rebirth of Mother Earth. Rebirth follows the dying; the dissolving of the old and therefore the re-birth comes in the wake of what has been before, but now in a rejuvenated, shape and form.Read moreRead more

Spiritual Psychosis Happens

Spiritual Psychosis manifests in many ways I have the honor and privilege of attracting clients going through a tough process. They come to me, trying to sort out what is going on and why they feel crazy at times – yet psychotherapy and pharmacological solutions aren’t touching the symptoms that they are feeling. Kind ofRead moreRead more

Living Intuitively

meditation halo

How might I live, more intuitively? I’m often asked this question from clients, in all of its forms. When we live more intuitively, we allow ourselves to be more grounded and to make decisions from a stronger foundation.  Our intuition can be so helpful in stressful times when we feel that we are ‘threading theRead moreRead more

Cord Cutting

cut energy cords

Cord Cutting: Every contact we have with someone, particularly when it is emotionally charged, and very strongly so if it is sexually charged – forges a cording of energy between two people. These can become very strongly entrenched in our energy bodies and subsequently, our physical bodies. Periodically cutting cords is important, especially when we feelRead moreRead more