How do you make your mark?  My overt version, in this season of gratitude, has been to share sweet potato biscuits, made with love, by Moi, in the shape of a heart. The cynics may be rolling their eyes and mumbling, trite, under their breath.  Really though, sweet mark-makers, aren’t we all, ready to eatRead moreRead more

Knock, knock…

…Yes, I’m here!  And reveling in this abundantly, full life that I lead!!!  As I sit here, committing events and projects to my calendar, I can’t help but reflect on it all.  Super grateful for two healthy sons, one in his senior year and one just starting high school.  A full, secular worklife and anRead moreRead more


I love my Clients!!! What an honor it has been, to work with all of the fabulous Clients that I’ve attracted!! I talk with so many people each day, who are on the precipice of change.  Makes sense…services of a psychic/medium/intuitive/rockstar-helper (:):):)) come in handy as we feel change-a-brewin’…..And Wow!  I could have never imagined,Read moreRead more

Lineage Slivers

Lineage Connections in our Lives In the midst of an uber-busy time, I was gifted with a lovely dream sliver this morning.  I was approached by two clients who were questioning where I was from…No, they said, not ‘Minnesota, by way of California, originating in Seattle.  Your roots, where are they?’  Me, “England and Lithuania.”Them,Read moreRead more

The Magic Garden

  I’ve taken to sipping my latest favorite, chai coffee, ‘in’ the magic garden. It used to be an ordinary garden. With an innate love of flowers, I’ve enjoyed a modest flower garden for the past few years. Morning glories and zinnias mostly, an occasional showing of other varieties happen too. With an expanded householdRead moreRead more