Lineage Slivers

Lineage Connections in our Lives In the midst of an uber-busy time, I was gifted with a lovely dream sliver this morning.  I was approached by two clients who were questioning where I was from…No, they said, not ‘Minnesota, by way of California, originating in Seattle.  Your roots, where are they?’  Me, “England and Lithuania.”Them,Read moreRead more

The Magic Garden

  I’ve taken to sipping my latest favorite, chai coffee, ‘in’ the magic garden. It used to be an ordinary garden. With an innate love of flowers, I’ve enjoyed a modest flower garden for the past few years. Morning glories and zinnias mostly, an occasional showing of other varieties happen too. With an expanded householdRead moreRead more

Daily Practice

I restarted a favorite, daily practice of mine today…. Starting the day with a bit of yoga and meditation. The structure feels right and it offers me some time to breath and set an intention for the day. One’s daily practice is very personal — some version of discipline that for some may be simplyRead moreRead more


June has been a month of consciously grounding.  So much growth and change is afoot! Singing of earth mantras, working on my roots, tending to the garden, resting my soul….all great options.  Today I think I’ll paint my toenails.  In this process I stumbled across a most delightful read — Earthing, by Clinton Ober.  ARead moreRead more

As the sun rises

Benefits of this morning’s insomnia — Blog Creation ((Yay!!!)) Experienced a bird summit Discovered new shades of green Grounded myself in the energy of the day Perfected the amount of caramel to put in my latte Learned that mosquitoes don’t begin doing their work until the sun has been on the rise for aprox. 1Read moreRead more