Spiritual Awakening & A Few of its Forms

The process of awakening spiritually is rarely a linear one. For most it is a process that spans years if not decades. I speak and teach from both my personal experiences as well as those of the thousands that I’ve had the honor of working with, helping & supporting over the past decade. I aim here, to teach and norm some of what you may be experiencing yourselves.

When we awaken spiritually — we are evolving as humans and raising our vibration. We are growing more conscious as individuals and all of our bodies are affected (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual to name just a few of our many bodies). The process occurs for us to grow individually and also to align with more conscious collective energies as well.

Foremost – this process isn’t simple and looks as individual as we are. Any medical and psychological experiences are best dealt with by physicians & psychologists. Please don’t ever substitute spiritual guidance for professional help when warranted.

The following is a list (neither exhaustive nor comprehensive) of experiences that can occur during the spiritual awakening process:

  • Sleep Pattern Changes — feeling exhausted even after ten hours of sleep or waking in the middle of the night for a few hours, disrupted circadian rhythms are common during spiritual awakening
  • Dietary Changes — a desire to drop certain foods, aversions and cravings, feeling full quickly or ravenous at other times. A sudden sensitivity to caffeine? Losing a desire to consume alcohol? These are all common during spiritual awakening.
  • Relationship Shifts — feeling more or less joy in relationships, suddenly feeling drawn to certain people and no longer desiring to spend time with others, desiring connection over shared experiences — yep. You are awakening spiritually.
  • Perspective Shifts — you may begin to view not only people differently but your own views, ways of spending time, reasons for doing things in your life, motivations and truth. Your perspective is expanding with this process.
  • Sensing Energy — you may become more sensitive to the energy of people places and things as you hadn’t before. Suddenly feeling anxious, feeling as though energy is pulsing through you, temperature shifts, tingling and buzzing sensations throughout your body, or feeling both the denseness of your body and lightness of your soul simultaneously. Our physical body is our best divining rod.
  • Emotional Sensitivity — as we awaken and evolve, your emotional bodies are healing and growing. This can contribute to feeling things more deeply, having old wounds emerge to be healed in new ways, experiencing empathy for others more deeply and feeling more apathy. Feeling higher levels of joy and deeper flavors of sorrow can be common too.
  • Psychic Skills coming on-line — we all have a pineal gland in our brains that is comprised of rod and cone cells (just like our eyes) — making it a literal, third eye in our brains. How these psychic skills awaken is individual. This aspect of the spiritual awakening process can include changes with your dreams, seeing more orbs and flashes of light, hearing phrases and (positive) directions in the back of your head much like an earworm, sensing people’s thoughts before they speak, sensing what is about to happen, etc.
  • Time Slips — you may lose time, feel as though time is speeding up or slowing down.
  • Attention Shifts — you may feel as though your attention is fractured across many dimensions. It likely is. As we expand in our awakening, we are learning to expand out of this dimension and into many others, simultaneously. Lack of focus and hyper-focus can occur in this area too.
  • Ear Business — you may experience tinnitus, ear itching & congestion, tones, sound sensitivity and the like. As we awaken spiritually, so do our chakras including our ear chakras.
  • Eye Business — flashes of light, orbs, metallic looking objects, increased color vibrancy, more vivid visions both in daily life and dreamstates — these all can be common during your awakening. You may begin to see spirit in many forms or may see more in your mind’s eye during meditation.
  • Sign & Synchronicities — Seeing and making connections between various signs and synchronicities, realizing how connected these are to your life and experiences, understanding that the Universe is co-creating with you through these signs & synchs is a hallmark of spiritual awakening. Repeating number sequences is a part of this also.
  • Sudden Desire for Change — you may decide to get healthier, start exercising, feel drawn to new areas of learning and study, desire to be in nature more, begin practicing meditation or yoga, desiring to create an altar or pray, or feel impelled to create and express.
  • What feels Satisfying changes — you may suddenly lose interest in TV, politics, news, materialism, etc. Don’t be surprised if that five year plan gets aborted for a new one or you feel called to be of service over getting that promotion. Remember that you are awakening and your sources of satisfaction will too.
  • Existential Wrestles — questioning everything is inherent in this process. Including why we are here, how we can and do contribute and what it all means in the cosmic scheme of things. You may suddenly feel more connected to others and also disconnected from old ways of being.

Angela helps people to navigate their spiritual awakening processes through readings, energy healing facilitation and her psychic mentorship program. She’s helped thousands navigate their process since 2010. Email her with any questions here: angela@energyintuit.com

Ascension/Spiritual Awakening 101

For the past number of years, there have been so many terms and concepts thrown around, you’ve likely heard them even if you sit in the most conservative and main stream parts of the world.  Someone asked me recently, “What’s all this buzz about Ascension, Ascension Symptoms, Awakening/Spiritual Awakening and its symptoms?” It seemed like a nice cue from spirit to jump onto the blog and say a bit about this topic.

Most of these phrases may sound or feel pithy, vague or flakey to many.  And they can be – if you don’t realize the gravity that they can have in your life.  Most who find their way to this blog are interested.  If you are choosing to stay asleep or not to ascend, you likely aren’t reading this.

Ascension is a concept that refers to our energetic body, our spirit, raising its rate of vibration.  Everything is energy and is always in motion. As spirits in human bodies, our vibrational rate of our spirit changes with our choices in life.  So to ‘Ascend’ or ‘Mind or Raise our vibration’ —  we are cleaning up all things human – meaning our thoughts, emotions, choices and how we treat our physical bodies. 

We don’t ‘Ascend’ to a state that is out of our body to suggest death or dying.  We ascend right here, in our human bodies. How do we do so?  By bringing consciousness to our lives. 

We manage our Ascension or Spiritual Awakening by making choices that feel good.  Choices that do good.  It’s relative and personal for all of us – you are the best decider of what those choices mean for you. 

Often, especially in the past few years as the planet is raising its consciousness – our Awakening or Ascension symptoms can feel like they are trying to manage us or change us, lol!  It is common for people to shift their perspectives on foods that they used to love, habits that have grown old or tired, and to look at their relationships with people differently.  It is common to grow more sensitive in all capacities – including opening up to being more psychic.  The strongest constant in this human life is change.  So I say – roll with the changes and choose accordingly.

A best practice for Ascension or Spiritual Awakening is to bring consciousness to your process by bringing more love to the situation.  By bringing more love and kindness to you. Another is to bring more consciousness to each choice that you make.  To borrow from the ubiquitous, Marie Kondo – approach a choice in your life and ask if it sparks joy in you?  If not, it may be time for a change.  Start with yourself and feel yourself rise! 

*If you are experiencing a shift in your spirituality and growing more psychically sensitive, contact Angela to set up a session today – angela@eneryintuit.com.

How does your intuition speak to you?

How does your intuition speak to you? As a denizen of first world, western culture — I find that the world ignores the unseen realms for the most part. As I’m told and shown by my guidance system — 90% of reality is unseen. So if only 10% of this reality is what we see, hear, sense on any given day, how are you tapping into the unseen, the ethereal — your intuition?

Our intuition is speaking to us always. Yes, at times it is quiet. Mostly — we have so much stress, static & stimulation happening that we miss it. Our intuition is subtle! Getting quiet and slowing down are great ways to turn towards this super-powered constellation of senses, our intuition.

One of the most important aspects of realizing that our intuition is speaking to us — is sorting out our baseline of calm, non-anxiety riddled, a non-stressed state. While learning to listen to your intuition — start from that calm baseline.

From that calm state, ask your intuition to speak to you. To start, ask for it to speak to you for the next week. Additionally, ask for specific signs/ways for it to come through. Examples could be: pink butterflies, a blue ox, waves, number sequences with 5’s, tacos, tridents, golden chalices — it almost doesn’t matter how or what you specify you’d like to hear from your intuition — point is you are directing it and giving it a week to come through for you.

Now — you go about your life, stay positive and open to how it will show up. Pay attention to songs, stickers, billboards, license plates, words that come from others, peoples’ names who you meet and deal with, dreams, visions, thoughts that come in out of the blue, ideas that pop into your head as inspiration while you are focused on a task or workout, etc.

Make note when your symbols show up! Jot them down in a journal (electronic or hard copy) and express gratitude for your intuition speaking to you. At the end of the week, reflect upon how it showed up. From the ways it came through — visually (clairvoyance), through song or spoken words or sounds (clairaudience), ideas and thoughts (telepathy & claircognizance), feelings (clairempathy) or physical sensations (clairsentience).

This exercise over a week’s time can show you how the unseen realms and your intuition are speaking to you! Enjoy and feel free to leave your results in the comment section below!

Healing & Clearing Tools

A popular refrain coming out of client sessions is – How do I clear painful thoughts and emotions Angela?  How exactly, do I get off of that hamster wheel in my brain with the negative loop running?  And another popular one – I just want closure!!

Newsflash – closure comes from within!!!  When we believe others (through conversation, one last visit, etc.) offer us closure, we are operating from a disempowered state. We are believing that we are ‘powerless’ to the situation unless and until we get that ‘closure’ outside of ourselves.  The truth is, we can bring closure to painful situations ourselves, through self-healing practices.

As multi-dimensional humans, we have many aspects to our selves.  Simply speaking — we have a physical body, an emotional body, as well as mental and spiritual bodies.  There are many layers and dimensions within each of these and far more information and explanation does exist on these layers, aspects and dimensions; for today’s post I’ll leave the explanation at that.

We can heal through working directly with an emotion in our emotional body, or indirectly with work in the physical, mental or spiritual bodies.

Ok – back to that irritating thought loop that you are trying to shift….as a multidimensional human – you can support yourself in clearing woundings, traumas, negative thoughts and painful emotions through processes that may not make direct sense.  Give this approach and these processes a try – you may find success in healing, clearing and growing as I and numerous clients have experienced.

Tools for healing and clearing:

  1. Bring structure and boundaries to your healing. Meaning – you choose how much time you allow yourself to either mentally or emotionally ruminate on a wounding.  Whether it is 5 minutes or 2 hours – set a timer and after the timer goes off – shift out of the issue being worked on.  These inner boundaries within yourself, can be more important to your well-being than external boundaries that we set with others!
  2. How to shift out of rumination? Distract yourself!  Have a go-to list of many activities that you can shift into to keep that boundary of no longer spending time on said issue, for the rest of the day.  Examples: reading, cleaning, play, chores, writing, cooking, chatting with a friend, etc.
  3. For more direction on grounding go here: https://energyintuit.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/grounding-as-a-daily-practice/
  4. Allow a purge. A good, old fashioned cry is my favorite way to purge.  As we cry, we are moving our emotions out.  Be careful to let the feelings and thoughts flow without attaching to them.  Purges can occur spontaneously in other ways.  At times we will contract a cold or a bug – because our body is alerting us that it want to purge through fever/perspiration, increased GI function, skin eruptions or excess mucus production. As you notice these processes occurring in your body – take your body’s hint and intend that that which you are ready to clear – is leaving your body with however it may be spontaneously purging.
  5. Intention is everything! Set an intention that your challenge is dissolving. **I am not a proponent of spiritual bypass!  Setting an intention is a step of the work – not a substitution for doing the inner work.
  6. Move your body! Walk, run, dance – exercise in any capacity that feels good for you. This will move energy in your physical body as well as keeping you grounded in your physical body.  It will keep you out of your head.
  7. Cut cords with the person or situation. For more information on cutting cords go here:  https://energyintuit.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/cord-cutting/
  8. Spend time in nature. Nature is naturally clearing for your bodies/fields.  While out there, visualize your problems melting away from you and being recycled by the earth.
  9. When we meditate we are opening up to messages from our oversoul/higher self/god/universe.  Open up to not only calming yourself through meditation but also to any helpful guidance that may come through to you.
  10. Have an energy healing session or bodywork/massage. As you enter the session, mentally set the intention that the issues will be worked out of the bodies during the session.
  11. Journal and/or write a letter to the issue. Instead of sending the letter, burn it once you are done writing it, with the intention of the issue being transformed.
  12. If your healing situation involves other people – speak to their higher selves. To do this, drop into a meditative state; connect to your higher self; call in the other person’s higher self and imagine that they are standing before you. Commence conversation.
  13. Bring awareness to your breath and focus on counting while inhaling and exhaling. Bring even-ness to each – inhaling to a count of 4 (or 5 or 10, the number doesn’t matter so much) and exhaling to a count of 4.  Learn holotropic breathing or one or two of the many forms of pranayama.  When we do breathwork we are aligning to our life force energy – also known as prana, ki, chi in other cultures.
  14. Strengthen your body. As we grow, having stronger bodies allows us to be able to handle more, going forward.  When not in an active clearing/healing mode, participate in activities that are also strengthening for your mind, emotions, physical body and spiritual nature.
  15. Tapping or EFT (emotional freedom technique). This modality, even with the basic recipe for EFT can reduce emotional charges of situations rather quickly! Through the physical body, aligning with the emotional body, and working simultaneously with both hemispheres of the brain – we can move situations to a better state. Tapping incorporates all of these components. (Angela can teach you this in a session also!)
  16. Positive self-talk. Done either aloud, in writing or mentally/silently – reminding yourself that you are well and whole and that you won’t always be in pain is a crucial component to your healing.
  17. Reframe your situation. Instead of looping on something like “He did me wrong!” – reframe it in at least six different ways. For instance:  1) He must have been hurt himself to be able to hurt someone else in this fashion. 2) Perhaps he is less equipped to discuss emotional situations.  3) Perhaps he doesn’t feel he is worthy of discussing our trouble 4) Perhaps all of the pain has served me well by teaching me how strong I really am. 5) Perhaps we outgrew each other and an ending was needed, so the universe created it for us.  6) Perhaps there is a higher purpose/bigger reason for this drama that I’ll understand over time.
  18. Affirmations/Mantras. Craft statements that are positive and in the present tense, to be recited when you are in an intentional healing mode.  For example:  I am feeling whole!
  19. Reach for gratitude when you can. A great goal is to reach for gratitude that the experience happened! When we do this, we open ourselves up to a higher perspective on this human journey.
  20. Lighten up/raise your vibration!!! Often getting out of a funk can be as simple as welcoming joy and laughter into our lives for even just a few moments.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggested practices for healing work.  If you’d like to work one-on-one with Angela, email her here:  angela@energyintuit.com

*Angela is neither a medical professional nor a psychologist.  These suggestions are no substitution for medical advice nor talk therapy.  Seek out an appropriate professional as needed. If you are having a medical or psychological emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Cord Cutting

cord cutting

Cord Cutting: Every contact we have with someone, particularly when it is emotionally charged, and very strongly so if it is sexually charged – forges a cording of energy between two people.

These can become very strongly entrenched in our energy bodies and subsequently, our physical bodies. Periodically cutting cords is important, especially when we feel we are thinking of the person too frequently.  Mentally looping incessantly, whether at our own urging or the other person’s, will leave us distracted or tired.

Energetic cords can and will drain us. However, experiencing emotions or thoughts that feel mildly foreign to us, or generally stuck or held back in life – is a healthy, regular spiritual practice to employ when are cord cutting.

It is an energetic fact that cords are created between people in relationship. This includes nuclear families, friends that we are close to, co-workers and lovers. Having empathy for someone without discharging the other person’s energy, can create cording to us.

Healers must be extra careful and vigilant because cording can occur with clients if you aren’t aware.

It’s less about cutting the cords than letting go of the proverbial tug-of-war rope. Releasing. Laying it down. So if the instructions for severing of these cords feels harsh to you – consider the laying down, releasing any taught-ness to these cords as might occur if you laid down a rope that you’d been pulling on.


Instructions for cord cutting:

• Get into a calm, clear space as if you are going to meditate.
• Reduce distractions for the next 10 minutes
• Close your eyes (this helps you get into the alpha brain wave state more quickly where your subconscious gets to be affected in positive ways by this exercise)
• Breathe easily and rhythmically, slowing down your heart rate
• Call in Archangel Michael (he wields and mighty sword that is very effective in this process, see graphic above)
• Ask him to cut all cords of connection with either anyone draining your energy or a specific person.
• Breathe and relax while in your mind’s eye you watch him cut the cords.
• Pay attention to how your body feels and what area of your body feels affected by this – where you may feel tension, a release, relaxation, warmth, coolness, sharp pain, etc.
• When the process feels complete, then ask for healing and loving white light to be brought in to fill any cauterized cords or spaces left open by this process of cord cutting. If you saw cords being pulled out by their roots allow the white light to fill all of these spaces.
• Finally, see/feel your entire being begin to fill with white light and watch it extend beyond the lines of your physical body out into your aura. Mentally express gratitude and thanks and feel free to move about your day.