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Your metaphysical playground for learning opportunities,
multi-dimensional expansion and private sessions for inspiration and
conscious growth.

Private Sessions

Angela is a psychic, medium and energy reader. She has all of the clairs and works predominantly with her clairvoyance. She is watching & translating holograms in the air, as you are posing your questions to her in your session. She is question and answer based and does not do cold readings. Angela also channels higher vibrational beings and is passionate about sessions with clients going through spiritual awakening. All sessions are conducted virtually, via Zoom.

Please read Private Session Guidelines here prior to booking.



conscious psychic program

Angela’s signature program birthed in 2012. The Conscious Psychic Program is a space and community for mentoring and experiential growth of your psychic skills. Enjoy many teachings, development circles and support here. This is a hybrid coaching program with a minimum commitment of one year.

The Empath Toolkit Self Study    $33

Designed by an empath, made for empaths. This course will equip you with many energy hygiene practices and tools to work with your empathic gifts. Grounding tools, lecture, meditation and a few exercises are included in this self-study course.

Meet Your Spirit Guidance Team Self Study    $22

An experiential course designed to help you to meet and understand some of the multitude of spirit guides and helpers that are out there to assist you in your daily life.

This course includes three guided meditations, an audio lecture and a few exercises.

Growing Yourself Psychic Self Study    $97

A fifteen hour self-study course with five modules to get you on your way to opening up and beginning to use your psychic skills. Through guided meditations, audio lectures and exercises, you’ll learn to use your skills for any situation that you may encounter. This course includes six guided meditations, five audio lectures, many exercises and some recommended reading.

Event Tickets

Meditations & Activations

all audio downloads are 30 minutes or less

Golden Light Activation

anointing you with Christed Consciousness energy.


Healing Activation

invoking Egyptian Goddess Energies.


Higher Self Meditation

to connect to your Higher Self.


Past Life Meditation

this will guide you to experience your own, past lives.


Sacred Heart Activation

to clear wounds of the higher heart chakra.


cancellation/refund policy:

Digital Downloads (courses, meditations & activations): All sales are final.
The CPP: Email Angela before purchasing. This is an application & interview process and involves a 12 month commitment.
Once enrolled, you are committed to the yearly tuition.
Private Sessions: 48 hours notice unless late emergency arises. Session cost is forfeited for no call/no shows.
No refunds are issued as you are paying for my time, not the content of the session.
Send email to reschedule or with any emergency that arises:
Events: All sales are final.

Event Calendar

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