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Healing & Clearing Tools

A popular refrain coming out of client sessions is – How do I clear painful thoughts and emotions Angela?  How exactly, do I get off of that hamster wheel in my brain with the negative loop running?  And another popular one – I just want closure!!

Newsflash – closure comes from within!!!  When we believe others (through conversation, one last visit, etc.) offer us closure, we are operating from a disempowered state. We are believing that we are ‘powerless’ to the situation unless and until we get that ‘closure’ outside of ourselves.  The truth is, we can bring closure to painful situations ourselves, through self-healing practices.

As multi-dimensional humans, we have many aspects to our selves.  Simply speaking — we have a physical body, an emotional body, as well as mental and spiritual bodies.  There are many layers and dimensions within each of these and far more information and explanation does exist on these layers, aspects and dimensions; for today’s post I’ll leave the explanation at that.

We can heal through working directly with an emotion in our emotional body, or indirectly with work in the physical, mental or spiritual bodies.

Ok – back to that irritating thought loop that you are trying to shift….as a multidimensional human – you can support yourself in clearing woundings, traumas, negative thoughts and painful emotions through processes that may not make direct sense.  Give this approach and these processes a try – you may find success in healing, clearing and growing as I and numerous clients have experienced.

Tools for healing and clearing:

  1. Bring structure and boundaries to your healing. Meaning – you choose how much time you allow yourself to either mentally or emotionally ruminate on a wounding.  Whether it is 5 minutes or 2 hours – set a timer and after the timer goes off – shift out of the issue being worked on.  These inner boundaries within yourself, can be more important to your well-being than external boundaries that we set with others!
  2. How to shift out of rumination? Distract yourself!  Have a go-to list of many activities that you can shift into to keep that boundary of no longer spending time on said issue, for the rest of the day.  Examples: reading, cleaning, play, chores, writing, cooking, chatting with a friend, etc.
  3. For more direction on grounding go here:
  4. Allow a purge. A good, old fashioned cry is my favorite way to purge.  As we cry, we are moving our emotions out.  Be careful to let the feelings and thoughts flow without attaching to them.  Purges can occur spontaneously in other ways.  At times we will contract a cold or a bug – because our body is alerting us that it want to purge through fever/perspiration, increased GI function, skin eruptions or excess mucus production. As you notice these processes occurring in your body – take your body’s hint and intend that that which you are ready to clear – is leaving your body with however it may be spontaneously purging.
  5. Intention is everything! Set an intention that your challenge is dissolving. **I am not a proponent of spiritual bypass!  Setting an intention is a step of the work – not a substitution for doing the inner work.
  6. Move your body! Walk, run, dance – exercise in any capacity that feels good for you. This will move energy in your physical body as well as keeping you grounded in your physical body.  It will keep you out of your head.
  7. Cut cords with the person or situation. For more information on cutting cords go here:
  8. Spend time in nature. Nature is naturally clearing for your bodies/fields.  While out there, visualize your problems melting away from you and being recycled by the earth.
  9. When we meditate we are opening up to messages from our oversoul/higher self/god/universe.  Open up to not only calming yourself through meditation but also to any helpful guidance that may come through to you.
  10. Have an energy healing session or bodywork/massage. As you enter the session, mentally set the intention that the issues will be worked out of the bodies during the session.
  11. Journal and/or write a letter to the issue. Instead of sending the letter, burn it once you are done writing it, with the intention of the issue being transformed.
  12. If your healing situation involves other people – speak to their higher selves. To do this, drop into a meditative state; connect to your higher self; call in the other person’s higher self and imagine that they are standing before you. Commence conversation.
  13. Bring awareness to your breath and focus on counting while inhaling and exhaling. Bring even-ness to each – inhaling to a count of 4 (or 5 or 10, the number doesn’t matter so much) and exhaling to a count of 4.  Learn holotropic breathing or one or two of the many forms of pranayama.  When we do breathwork we are aligning to our life force energy – also known as prana, ki, chi in other cultures.
  14. Strengthen your body. As we grow, having stronger bodies allows us to be able to handle more, going forward.  When not in an active clearing/healing mode, participate in activities that are also strengthening for your mind, emotions, physical body and spiritual nature.
  15. Tapping or EFT (emotional freedom technique). This modality, even with the basic recipe for EFT can reduce emotional charges of situations rather quickly! Through the physical body, aligning with the emotional body, and working simultaneously with both hemispheres of the brain – we can move situations to a better state. Tapping incorporates all of these components. (Angela can teach you this in a session also!)
  16. Positive self-talk. Done either aloud, in writing or mentally/silently – reminding yourself that you are well and whole and that you won’t always be in pain is a crucial component to your healing.
  17. Reframe your situation. Instead of looping on something like “He did me wrong!” – reframe it in at least six different ways. For instance:  1) He must have been hurt himself to be able to hurt someone else in this fashion. 2) Perhaps he is less equipped to discuss emotional situations.  3) Perhaps he doesn’t feel he is worthy of discussing our trouble 4) Perhaps all of the pain has served me well by teaching me how strong I really am. 5) Perhaps we outgrew each other and an ending was needed, so the universe created it for us.  6) Perhaps there is a higher purpose/bigger reason for this drama that I’ll understand over time.
  18. Affirmations/Mantras. Craft statements that are positive and in the present tense, to be recited when you are in an intentional healing mode.  For example:  I am feeling whole!
  19. Reach for gratitude when you can. A great goal is to reach for gratitude that the experience happened! When we do this, we open ourselves up to a higher perspective on this human journey.
  20. Lighten up/raise your vibration!!! Often getting out of a funk can be as simple as welcoming joy and laughter into our lives for even just a few moments.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggested practices for healing work.  If you’d like to work one-on-one with Angela, email her here:

*Angela is neither a medical professional nor a psychologist.  These suggestions are no substitution for medical advice nor talk therapy.  Seek out an appropriate professional as needed. If you are having a medical or psychological emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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