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Higher Self Access

How do you access your higher self?

Our higher self is essentially, a more spiritually connected, lighter, resilient, free-flowing version of our self. Our ‘lower’ self would be our ego, or our personality when looking at things from a dualistic point of view. Some examples of this would be making value judgements and judgements of any kind, taking things personally, operating from old wounding and projecting our emotions onto others.

When we are operating from our higher self we feel more peaceful, connected, present and in the flow of life. It’s essentially our baseline. Our pure feeling and thinking self without a lot of the weight of the world’s challenges bogging us down.

The question becomes, how then to connect to our higher self?

There are many pathways to higher self connection. My favorites are: time in nature, meditation, yoga and connecting to spirit. I’m blessed to have created work for myself that allows me to be connected to my higher self frequently.

If you are moving through any of the challenges of life in the 2020’s — you know first hand that connecting to your higher self holds great value and it may feel more challenging, giving all of the changes that we are moving through.

Some quick ways to connect to your higher self would be to:

  • Sit and breathe, for 1-5 minutes while letting go of thoughts, feelings and the like. Drop into your heart and out of your head!
  • Meditate
  • Journal to release your frustrations and lighten your load
  • Gratitude practice! I do this aloud for a few minutes stating gratitude for where I’m sitting or standing, the things around me, my health, etc.
  • Talking to a spirit guide (from the fifth dimension or above)
  • Energy healing whether self-administered or other administered
  • Engage with your dreams, active dream work
  • Create
  • Exercise

There are myriad ways to connect to your higher self and the next step would be to do so more frequently. As we increase the frequency of our connection to higher self, we lay the groundwork in our nervous systems to be more organically connected here.

If you’d like some assistance, there is a Higher Self guided meditation for sale on my website:

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