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Living Intuitively

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How might I live, more intuitively?

I’m often asked this question from clients, in all of its forms.

When we live more intuitively, we allow ourselves to be more grounded and to make decisions from a stronger foundation.  Our intuition can be so helpful in stressful times when we feel that we are ‘threading the needle’!

So when you are wanting to remember to connect to your intuition and to live more intuitively, here are 10 ways to do so:

  1. Breathe. Deeply. Firing up our intuition starts with feeling more relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and you’ll be ready to receive!
  2. Ground yourself. Put your feet on the floor, or better yet on the ground outside. Imagine that you are connecting to the Earth’s core and sharing its energy.
  3. Pop into the passenger’s seat, metaphorically speaking. Imagine yourself as riding shot-gun and sitting back while watching what appears through the windshield…the windshield on your mind’s eye, with your eyes closed that is. Be the observer.
  4. Play with your world! Ask your world for a sign in response to a question that you pose, “should we go out for seafood this weekend?” As you move through the day, watch for signs. Maybe you notice fish everywhere. Maybe you sense a drying up of signs pointing to seafood. Have fun with this! Noticing signs, symbols and synchronicities in our outer world put us more in tune with our inner world too.
  5. Journal. Much of what fills our minds and our emotions simply wants expression. Once we write down some of what fills us up, we clear the way for that calm, receptive listening mode that our intuition operates from.
  6. Meditate. As few as 5 minutes a day, of mind-clearing meditation, is one of the quickest routes to your intuition and your psychic side.
  7. Unplug. Our culture is one of distraction. Unplug for a few minutes and realize what your intuition may sound like! Maybe it speaks to you with a foreign accent? Maybe it sings to you! Or chants…
  8. Intend it. Simply setting an intention each morning, that you’re going to align with your intuition will set you on its course! I like to say, “Intentionality is everything!”
  9. Trust you. Intuition is your inner guru. Your higher self. Trust that the intuitive hits that you have been getting are indeed, your intuition!
  10. Dream. Pay attention to your dreams! They are your intuition speaking to you, while your guard is down. Record them and enjoy them.
    1. **PSST! When your intuition knows you are paying attention it will communicate more loudly and frequently!

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