Messages of Love

butterfly in the branchesOur Intuition — our higher selves — speak to us with messages of love.

As I work with and guide people to and through their intuitive processes, the most constant question is – “How do I know it’s my intuition?”

That answer is many-fold, some of which I’ll cover here.

First off, it’s a faith walk.

We’re talking about the unseen realms of spirit here, the ethereal energies that sense-able but rarely detectable in many, proven fashions.

Second, if we are seeking proof we aren’t interested in truth.

Seriously.  Truth is another intangible that if you pay attention to how you discern it. We feel into truth.  This feels right.  This doesn’t feel quite right are the things that you may find yourself paying attention to as you are discerning truth around a situation, person or your intuition.

Third, confidence plays a huge role.  As I tell my students and mentees, 10% of cultivating and honoring our intuition is skills training and 90% is mindset shifting.  There are exercises – meditation, affirmations, afformations, psychic exercises, etc. that we can do to support our intuition, Yet, the biggest portion of our work is in our mindset.  How we are about that instant sense of knowing in situations. What judgments we express against ourselves and that others have expressed against our sensitivities. Our own self-talk around whether we are ‘good enough’ to have accurate intuition, etc.

It’s a fine line dance that we do with this inner knowing and breeding the confidence that will fertilize it and questioning or dancing on the fear-based side of the line.

So I offer you this – our Intuition speaks to us lovingly!!

It’s actually, the perfect way to cultivate itself as it doesn’t speak in those critical, doubtful ways that our analytical minds and emotions can at times.  If you are sensing loving nudges, playful messages on street signs and license plates, and anything feeling otherwise positive. Its your intuition talking to you and through you.  If it presents as critical, negative, judgmental , fear-inducing– escort that shite to your mental door!  It is not, I repeat it is not your intuition or higher self speaking to you.

This month has been one of hibernation for me.  A constant though is my intuition speaking to me in loving ways.  What has rung through the whole month is the Love Boat theme. Love is in the Air by Tom Jones.  Yes, for real!  Remember to be gentle with yourself and do listen to the love of your spirit, your intuition, your higher selves.

I’ll leave you with two quotes from some of my favorite pacifists:

Smile, breathe, and go slowly.  -Thich Nhat Hanh

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden. – Martin Luther King Jr.

And, love is in the air!

xo Angela

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