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2021 Reflections

As I sit in reflection of this year that 2021 has been, I’m grateful to feel inspired. Twenty twenty one has been crunchy and expansive. My experience of it has been high and low and full of change and growth. This second year of an intense decade did prove its place.

As I log my accomplishments, unmet goals and reassess my personal and professional needs, as we turn this page of the calendar, I’m humbled. Perennially grateful to Spirit and my ever-expanding integration of this connection.

My beliefs have been strengthened and my perspectives have shifted. Greatly so.

I’m thankful that I’ve soared more than dipped. I’m thrilled to have spent time with family and friends, learned a lot, created more and to have shed plenty.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be of service to people on spiritual pathways and to be an air traffic controller of sorts for the multi-verse. I’ve attracted more lighthouse beings into my life and have facilitated bridge-building between them. The ways of unifying people are many. It’s fun to challenge myself in this area of creating maps for our new way of living.

As humans we can move mountains. How do you use your powers for good, in the world? And how might you reflect upon all that you’ve been in 2021?

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