Regaining Balance

tree and skyThis winter has held some deep calls for my family, to balance.

The Universe decided that this winter was the divine time to offer up a stone home on 8 acres, that I’ve been working on manifesting for us.  Intending for us a grounded home in nature, delivered more than I could have imagined (she winks, nods, tips proverbial hat thankfully to the Universe for that ‘more than’ delivery).  Recognizing opportunity and then seizing it were subsequent steps that felt in no way, easy.  Honestly, as much as manifesting and having all that we want in the world is ‘supposed’ to feel effortless?  I find that it often feels like work! Where is the balance?

Every step along the way may offer stress, it will beget more choices, we will feel resistance from ourselves in the form of fear and old stories that love to bend our ears.  Working through all of these, discerning which to dismiss and if any should be heeded. This is where our intuition comes into play.  As we choose, it becomes imperative to listen to our deep knowing – to our sage inner voice behind the fear-mongering ones that scream at us during stressful times.

Do you recall one of those fitness inventions that is a balancing ball with a platform ledge around the outside?  It looks like a rendition of the planet Saturn.  You place your feet on the platform ‘ring’ and work to stay balanced, as the ball wobbles and moves.  As you choose to lean in one direction or move an arm in another, you face the constant need to balance yourself on this contraption, engaging loads of muscles in the process.

Listening to our intuition is one way for us to regain balance when we feel wobbly in life.

As we move through life and change and growth, making decisions that aren’t always comfortable. We’ll find ourselves feeling wobbly, ungrounded and generally out of balance at times – trying to figure out which muscle to shift next.  We find that doing the things that have worked in the past, grounding through exercise, salt baths, journaling and meditating. These may no longer offer the same balancing benefits that they once did.  Listening to that intuitive voice that is telling you to go out and socialize, or to go tell a neighbor how you really feel, or to try some different foods. These options may be your new path to regaining balance.  Having the courage to make new, potentially balancing choices are key to living that elusive, fulfilled life.  Bravely listening to those inner and often higher sounding calls, to paint, stop, move, love. These are crevices where fulfilled lives gestate. 

Pausing to listen to our intuition is a great way to regain a sense of balance.

Remember that our intuition speaks to us in different voices.  Just as we grow, change and evolve, our intuitive voices grow with us.  They morph in support of who we are becoming and what we are choosing.  So if yours sound stern and grandmotherly when you are feeling nudged to meditate, be open to a quiet male voice who may guide you in new ways to play or work less.  Listening to our ever – changing voice of intuition is one way for us to regain our footing and step into more fulfillment as we negotiate the balancing ball that is our life.  Staying open to growth will help you to feel less rooted in old ways and more ready to grounding in new ways as the winds of winter change blow through your worlds.  I wish you all the best!

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