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Spiritual Psychosis Happens

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Spiritual Psychosis manifests in many ways

I have the honor and privilege of attracting clients going through a tough process. They come to me, trying to sort out what is going on and why they feel crazy at times – yet psychotherapy and pharmacological solutions aren’t touching the symptoms that they are feeling.

Kind of a heavy term, I realize. It’s a real phenomenon that affects many and is not to be taken lightly. I help people with the psychic opening/spiritual & energetic components of what they are experiencing. Our culture has not been kind in supporting individuals having these experiences. We have a rigid, allopathic model in western medicine. Outside of that, our adolescent culture at times lacks the depth found in tribal cultures, mystical appreciation and religious experiences. I strive to shed light on the client’s pain in a way that will serve and fuel their personal transformation.

The clients that have come to me in this state may be experiencing one and likely many of the following:

  • Sleep disturbances/sleep cycle changes needing more, or less or being kept awake by bodily and psychic sensations
  • Diet changes – certain foods are now intolerable or cravings crop up for a few days or a few weeks
  • Feeling energies more strongly – sensing spirits, feeling more exhausted by groups of people or negativity
  • Neurological sensations – stronger nerve sensations in their body, body parts feeling heavier or lighter than normal, tingling and prickly sensations
  • Sensations of separateness from one or both sides of their body, feeling like they are two people trying to work as one body
  • Vision changes to include seeing flashes of light in their peripheral vision and seeing shadows and colors more acutely
  • Sensitivities to hearing/auditory input, hearing voices, peoples’ thoughts, etc.
  • Stronger emotions that are often other peoples’
  • Decreased desire for activities that used to excite the person

This list is a beginning.

You may be experiencing other things that fall under the umbrella of this phenomenon of Spiritual Psychosis. I’ve helped clients who are feeling paralyzing anxiety that is no longer being affected by medications – by helping them realize that the anxiety that they are feeling is not theirs but their mate’s.

Many of us learn at a young age, for all kinds of reasons – mine was that I was literally hit by a car – how to leave our body. Energetic disassociation – it looks similar to psychological disassociation– though it can be less noticeable to most people. When people who leave their body easily, begin to experience a spiritual awakening, being in their body can become very uncomfortable. As you can see, referenced by some of the symptoms above.

We are spirit in a human body.

Our body is our best divining rod, truly. I encourage and work with clients to develop a new relationship with their body and their freshly found spiritual and psychic experiences. Spiritual Psychosis is a time of transformation and awakening; working with psychic empowerment professionals, like myself, will be key to your navigation of this process. The biggest message that I like to help people with – is that they are not alone and that this process is not as foreign as it may feel!

For other perspectives, definitions and detail, check these out:!emergence-or-psychosis/cdkl

Lastly, I am neither a medical professional nor a clinician. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Certificate in Holistic Psychology. My knowledge is based upon the experiences of my life and of running and growing a successful spiritual practice, in Wilmington, Delaware. I work closely when warranted, with medical professionals and mental health professionals — to support the client going through spiritual psychosis, responsibly and ethically. Contact me with any questions:

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