Empathy vs. Intuitive or Psychic Empathy

meditation circles

Types of Empathy Many are asking me, how I distinguish between an Empath, a Healer, an Indigo and a Seer – lenses that we are getting ready to pick up and look through in a new program called Spiritual Spy Glass, launching next week. This post is the first of a series of four onRead moreRead more

Getting Unstuck

nature energy

Energy is the key to become unstuck. Everything is energy.  We know now that what appears solid, isn’t.  It’s merely more dense, slower moving atoms.  We can get unstuck. How often do you feel stuck in life?  Do you find yourself with impatience around elements of your life and relationships? One of the best antidotesRead moreRead more

Messages of Love

butterfly in the branches

Our Intuition — our higher selves — speak to us with messages of love. As I work with and guide people to and through their intuitive processes, the most constant question is – “How do I know it’s my intuition?” That answer is many-fold, some of which I’ll cover here. First off, it’s a faithRead moreRead more

Energetic Discernment

water sign

*This piece is inspired by an article I recently read on energetic vampires along with some personal situations that bring this topic front-of-mind.   Recalling the adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” I’m offering a twist on this and positing that energy speaks louder than words or actions. At least louder in a sense ofRead moreRead more

As the sun rises

Benefits of this morning’s insomnia — Blog Creation ((Yay!!!)) Experienced a bird summit Discovered new shades of green Grounded myself in the energy of the day Perfected the amount of caramel to put in my latte Learned that mosquitoes don’t begin doing their work until the sun has been on the rise for aprox. 1Read moreRead more