Love, P.S. Maya Angelou

    Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014 I had the privilege of hearing Maya Angelou speak in 1993 at Bill Clinton’s Presidential Inauguration.  She is Love and Strength, incarnate.  RIP and enjoy your angel dance, dear One.

Regaining Balance

tree and sky

This winter has held some deep calls for my family, to balance. The Universe decided that this winter was the divine time to offer up a stone home on 8 acres, that I’ve been working on manifesting for us.  Intending for us a grounded home in nature, delivered more than I could have imagined (sheRead moreRead more

Appreciation vs. Expectation

In talking with a colleague recently about people and holidays, she offered such a great, one-line piece of advice:  approach everyone with appreciation vs. expectation. This statement has proved profound and profoundly simple for me throughout this holiday season.  I challenge you all to try this as you gather and bump into so many people,Read moreRead more

Interview with Susan Wagner

From Susan Wagner… Seven years ago, after doing much, solo meditation, I went looking for a more formalized group that would fit my schedule.  With no particularly sect or style in mind, I found my way to a Tibetan Buddhist group, in Media, PA.  The group was led by Susan Wagner and I was immediatelyRead moreRead more