Grounding as a Daily Practice

spiritual tree roots leaves-person-in-tree-branches-celestialSo often we move through our days without much consideration given to the importance of grounding.

We need to be grounded to work more synergistically in much the same ways an electrical circuit does.  Positive, negative and grounding are elements of a cohesive circuit. Grounding as a daily practice will facilitate vibrant living!

Being a grounded human means moving, deciding and living from our core.  One aspect of this is that sensation of making decisions from our higher self, that deeper place.  Another is the feeling that we have our ‘feet on the ground’.  The embodiment will feel that we are in firm service to our selves, our loved ones and the world.  Life moves around us and through us so rapidly at times that breathing deeply and grounding can elude us as an important aspect to vibrant living.

When you have that sensation of fogginess, confusion, too many options flying through your mind or at you – employing grounding techniques will help!  These are especially useful for teenagers as hormonal shifts add a whole other layer of factors that may leave us feeling ungrounded (yes both us and them).

There are many methods for grounding and your choice will be a personal one.

You may find that one technique works well at some times and a different one may be employed at other times.

Some ideas for grounding that can be done individually:

*literally put both feet on the ground and/or imagine them as flat on the ground if that isn’t possible.    Imagine energy from the earth’s core coming up through your feet and moving up through your body

*visualize your feet as tree roots that are growing down into the ground

*plant your feet whether standing or sitting and take three, deep breaths.  Be mindful of breathing as far down into your belly as possible.

*visualize a cord going from the base of your spine down into the ground and all stresses and worries being sent down it – much like communications across fiber-optic lines

             *visualize yourself as a pot of water and connect your feet or the base of your spine to the ground and unplug your pot thus releasing all of this water into the ground


*walk in nature


            *stretch and see how many sensations you can observe in your body

            *drink water and feel it move throughout your body

            *any act of mindfulness that brings attention into your body and feet works!

Pausing and taking a few moments to shift your attention to a grounding technique that serves you will energize you for your next set of tasks.  We require this attention to our own, energetic ‘service’ to run and enjoy our lives to the fullest!

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