The ability to understand something, immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning….this is one definition of intuition.

A clear knowing, absent of rational thought is another.  Regardless of its definition, I’m often asked, “How can I be in better touch with this part of myself?  How can I better listen, to my intuition?”

One great way is to be in one’s body more.  Our culture is big on us being out of touch with ourselves and tends to promote a philosophy of distraction.  Whether distraction puts you inside your head more, or takes your focus out of of your mind and body completely…it’s all a distraction away from You.  Once back into your body, if even for a few moments, you can pay attention to how it feels.  How You feel.  And your intuition :).  Anytime you call yourself back into your body, you will align yourself more, with your intuition.

Ways to be in your body — there are the obvious of walking, exercising, deep breathing.  A less obvious way is to catch yourself over-thinking something, or realize you are tired and consciously, focus on how your body feels.  Take a few deep breaths and tune-in to your body.  What part of your body calls your attention to it?  When eating, slow down your chewing and really taste your food.  Check in with your body’s fullness before taking another bite.  Be. In. Your. Body.

My intuition speaks to me, through my body.

My heart will race (and I’ve learned that it isn’t the coffee I drank 3 hours ago), a muscle will cramp, an eye will twitch.  More subtley, my arms are tired.  My digestion has slowed/sped up.  When in tune,  if I listen to these parts of my body, I’m open to what my intuition may be telling me.  I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely get a cold.  When I do, I’m literally being screamed at by my intuition to slow down, rest.  I’m being called to be in my body and care for, said temple.

When I’m struck with a headache, which is a frequent occurrence, I now stop and ask of my body, what it is that I need to know?  Surprisingly, as soon as I do this in many of the cases, my headache clears.  With it comes a knowing of what I need to pay attention to.  My intuition has alerted me to call a loved one.  Check in on a son.  Write to a friend.  More offbeat examples are which outfit to wear; being guided to a book title that leads me to a solution that I’d been struggling with; deciding to work with a client or not to work with a client, based on an intuitive hit.

I see life as a scavenger hunt at times.  Being in my body, listening to my intuition both offer me great clues! With great clues, we can move from life station to life station, with much more joy.  Isn’t that what it’s all about, afterall?

Cheers, Body Dwellers!


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