As the sun rises

Benefits of this morning’s insomnia —

  • Blog Creation ((Yay!!!))
  • Experienced a bird summit
  • Discovered new shades of green
  • Grounded myself in the energy of the day
  • Perfected the amount of caramel to put in my latte
  • Learned that mosquitoes don’t begin doing their work until the sun has been on the rise for aprox. 1 hour

Cheers, World!


2 thoughts on “As the sun rises”

  1. Hey Angela,

    Nice website! I look forward to perusing though it. Yinka sent me the link. Seems like you have both the left and right sides of the brain in harmony….spiriitually and scientifically speaking.

    Erica and I Looking forward to the gathering at Chez Yinka, hand drums are my forte.

    Would like to talk to you about how you developed this site. It is very professional!

    I have been practicing meditation for most of my life, even before I knew what t was. When I was 12, I thought sleep was over rated, mostly because I has a hard time doing it. I also did not like having to wake up once there or the disoriented feeling I felt getting used to “reality” again. So I learned to meditate through those early morning hours doing or noticing many of those things you mentioned.

    Now I love sleep as much as meditation and like to meditate into it and coming out of it. The day is always better after of an intensely relaxing but very focused “amrit vela” (hour of nectar, 4 to 6 am).


  2. Hideo,

    Thank you for the kind words! I do like the balance of left and right. Right is my preferred state, Left is my more naturally occurring state :). I love this work immensely. I’m quite grateful for my listening to the urges to develop it and turn it into a business. I practiced Tibetan Buddhist mediation for a few years. Took vows in 2006 as a matter of fact. Meditation has gotten me through some sleepless nights as well as offering some profound experiences.

    I’m not familiar with amrit vela — thanks for exposing me to a new term!

    We’re looking forward to hosting you guys! Yes, bring drums if you have them :).

    The development of the site was a collaboration with a great artist (and graphic artist), Caroline Chen. I was able to communicate a ‘ballpark’ of what I do, how I’d hoped for the site to look, etc. She presented exactly what felt right, on the first go around! It was important to me to hire someone and for it to have a professional feel. Particularly, given the nature of the business.

    Thanks for cruising the site!

    More soon,

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