June has been a month of consciously grounding.  So much growth and change is afoot! Singing of earth mantras, working on my roots, tending to the garden, resting my soul….all great options.  Today I think I’ll paint my toenails. 

In this process I stumbled across a most delightful read — Earthing, by Clinton Ober.  A juncture of science and spirituality.  Testament to improving our health through stepping on the ground.  Kudos to the process of moving full circle — back to appreciating, that which feeds us!  Cheers, Earthlings! xo


2 thoughts on “Grounding”

  1. Yes! I just spent several days on retreat – much of it laying in the grass feeling the earth’s support. Thanks for inspiring me to go paint my toes now…maybe a sparkly blue to celebrate our interdependence.

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