Befriending Ourselves

How do you befriend yourself?

A friend brightened my doorstep the other day, wanting compassion and advice. Not overtly so, but it became clear to us both once we were in each other’s company that this was what was needed.

She proceeded to talk about how she’s been feeling about a situation and I listened. I heard her and asked her permission to offer advice. I showed compassion, understanding and love for her.
We enjoyed our time together and said our goodbyes.

After our time together I found myself considering this concept of friendship. More so, how is it that we befriend others in such deep, kind ways, yet often neglect ourselves? I mean, do I listen to Me and hear Me in ways that are loving? Do I ask permission of Me to give Me advice and do I then show Me compassion, understanding and love?

How is it that we become so adept and skilled at being friends to others, yet often forget to give to ourselves in this way?

Let’s think of how our worlds may look different if we were to be our own, best friends…

What if we no longer beat ourselves up? What if we chose to say kind things to ourselves when we were feeling down? What if we chose to bestow small, surprise gifts to ourselves? Conduct random acts of kindness for our own lives every-once-in-awhile as opposed to always for others? What would our kids learn from us if we demonstrated this level of befriending to ourselves?

Maybe people would live more in alignment with who they are. Maybe people would value themselves more and feel their worth intrinsically. Could it be that if we feed ourselves love first, and then others that we would have more love to give?

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2 thoughts on “Befriending Ourselves”

  1. That is just what I needed to hear. It’s hard for me to learn to leave the guilt behind when I try to be my own best friend. It’s one of the lessons in this life.

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