If you met yourself, would you like you?

This question popped across my social media feed today and caused pause in me. What better checking question? I mean, to ask myself, “Self, are you acting in and being in ways that when you encounter you, you enjoy you?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am much more me in the past few months than I’ve ever been. I feel like Angela has come out of the closet! I get to be and feel me, in all that I do, regardless of what the rest of the world may think. The beauty of being a soul-centered entrepreneur means embracing the responsibility, privilege and duty to align with me and what turns me on. Then sharing it with the world. Living what lights me up. Participating in what exhausts me in joyful ways like a day of hiking, kayaking or skiing may send me to bed as tired as a toddler! I’m thrilled that what turns me on, also serves others – me being in service as a channel for Spirit, my guidance to those seeking guidance and gentle teaching from me, its this beautifully synergistic relationship with Clients & the world around me that feeds me.

So I’m good on the life purpose bit, with regard to liking me if I met, me. On personality & personal habits – I do consider this. I’m a firm believer in being whom I want to attract into my world – with regard to friends, lovers, colleagues and the like. It’s less about: if my prospective partner had an unsavory habit, would I accept & love him? It’s more of: Can and do I wholly love me, unsavory bits and all?

You see if I can wholly love me, warts, personality quirks and all, I’ll attract people who too, know how to love themselves in their entirety. People who know how to be gentle with themselves as opposed to violently cursing their foibles (or some less dramatic version of self-deprecation). As I love me and date me, in ways that affirm my awesomeness, my amazingly creative and fun personality, that recognize that my mercurial mind can be a tad critical at times, I’m not only setting myself up to attract soul-centered people into my life but I’m demonstrating my value of a soul-centered life. I’m choosing to show the world that showing up enthusiastically for me, as me, with a few wrinkles and possibly having finished breakfast on the ride over are more than acceptable. I’d have to say, I like me when I’m being me, not just when I meet me.

And you, m’Loves…would you like you if you met you?

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